13 Treats Perfect For Dog Training

12 Treats Perfect For Dog Training

What makes a treat good for training sessions? For one, treats low in calories are great because training calls for multiple treats given one after another. This adds up and if the treats aren't low-calorie you might start to notice a few new rolls on your pup! Most of the treats listed here are under 5 calories per treat so you don't have to worry about putting extra weight on your dog!

Another thing you want to look out for in dog training treats are the size of each treat. They should be bite-sized so it's easy for your dog to eat quickly and frequently. The smaller the treat, the faster your dog will be able to refocus their attention on you after they're done eating it. Be sure to give smaller breeds and puppies treats that they can easily swallow. And because treats go fast when you're training your dog, a bag that comes with lots of treats is ideal for training.

With the perfect training treats and the Puppr app you're ready to start training your dog! Remember to have fun and keep your training sessions short 🐾

Dog Training Treats For Small Breeds & Puppies


Crazy Dog Training Treats

1.5 calories / treat


Pet Botanics Training Treats

1.5 calories / treat


Cloud Star Tricky Trainers

2 calories / treat


Bil-Jac Little Jacs

2.8 calories / treat


Fruitables Skinny Minis

3.5 calories / treat


Wellness Soft Puppy Bites

4 calories / treat

Dog Training Treats For Dogs Of All Sizes


Zuke's Mini Naturals

2.3 calories / treat


Charlee Bear Treats

3 calories / treat


Fruitables Treats

9 calories / treat


Nulo Freestyle Trainers

2 calories / treat


Zuke's Skinny Bakes

10 calories / treat


Blue Wilderness Bits

4 calories / treat


Pet Botanics Training Treats

3 calories / treat